The Mount Shasta Gatehouse Retreat

Mt Shasta Gatehouse retreat

The Gatehouse Retreat operates year-round as a spiritual retreat with spectacular views of Mount Shasta.

The capacious two-acre property is perfect for enjoying privacy and tranquility amongst the gardens and oak lawns overlooking the mountain.

Accommodations include communal kitchens, large sitting rooms, single and double bedrooms, and one dorm room, perfect for individuals, couples or groups.

Just minutes from the mountain or downtown Mt Shasta, The Gatehouse is an ideal choice for intimate workshops, personal retreats or group journeys.

Proprietess Aida Hinojosa creates an atmosphere of abundance and serenity, savouring the present moment as a constant opportunity to grow beyond ourselves into a more perfect alignment with Great Spirit.



The Sweat Lodge Circle

The sweat lodge is an integral part of the medicine journey and at the heart of The Gatehouse.

The lodge ceremony follows the movement of the Medicine Wheel in all directions and with songs, chants, and drumming calls for Great Spirit to enter and guide us.

The ceremony provides a gateway to new beginnings, uniting us with our spiritual journey and reveals our interconnectedness.

sweat lodge ceremony teepee©October, 2001 National Geographic
sweat lodge circle with mt shasta in view

The sacred mountain watches over the Circle

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Other Activities at the Gatehouse

The Gatehouse Retreat Rates

Rate per night $45 per Guest

Linens, kitchen utensils and appliances are provided.

Aida Hinojosa
1236 Vista Drive
Mt. Shasta, California 96067

mount shasta meditation
©October, 2001 National Geographic